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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce 5950 Ultra Headache

Well, like I said, it sounds like the fan isn't throttling correctly. If there is a way for you to look at your card while it is running, see if it is spinning at all and if you can tell if it speeds up when you launch a game. If it isn't working and you don't want to mess with Compaq, then only suggestion is to buy a new card, I guess. How is your tower as far as cooling? How many case fans do you have? I have 6 fans, one 90mm and 5x80mm. Not to mention the 2 fans in the PSU and the 90mm on my CPU, and of course, the little one on my big ol' 5950 Ultra. So there is a lot of air flow in my case, plus I keep the house kinda cool, thermostat set on 75', but house temp is probably 73' or so.
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