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Default Re: Well back to EQ 2 for now.

I just re-activated after a 3 month hiatus. I started fresh on a new server and Iím noticing all kinds of stuff they have tweaked and added in, nice!

But the game still runs horribly for me. I was hoping with all this time I've taken off they might have optimized it some. The 1st time around I had a 754 nF3 board with a 6800gt, and now have a 939 nF4 with a 6800gt.

Even when I run fraps and Iím seeing framerates at 50+ it still doesnít feel smooth so I guess Iím a stutter victim, was hoping that would go away at least with the new setup. If I was 100% convinced it would go away with a 7800gtx Iíd get one. But not gonna take that gamble for $600 when all my other games like GTR, rFactor, BF2, Tiger Woods, Madden, WoW, Guild Wars run silky smooth.

Running 1680x1050 on balanced, cutting down to high-performance helps the framerate but not the lack of smoothness. Oh well, Iíll play out my month and see how it goes.

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