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Default Re: help with screen resolution please

Originally Posted by a7v
I haven't fiddled with but Xfree86 could figure out the lower resolutions if you only defined the highest resolution. (Well it worked most of the time.) So the correct way should be to say that 1280x1024@60 is the highest your monitor can handle when you set up (or Xfree86) with the proper tool. That should set the correct values for HorizSync and VertRefresh in your Then it would only be a matter of adding "1152x864" as the maximum mode you'd like to use. (as you clearly didn't want to use 1280x1024@60)

What distro are you using btw?
oh i forgot to to say i am using Slackware 10.1, i did define the highest at 1280*864 @ 60 me thinks i know what i gotta do though. ill try it and get back here.
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