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Default Re: Well back to EQ 2 for now.

ok lol, I think i may go back to wow for a little longer. At least until eq2 gets going on the pvp and release it. What concerns me is I have been reading that most likely you will have to make a new guy in order to join a pvp server and is not like the current realm transfers SOE offers, cost you $50-$100. Thats ridiculous.

I just don't want to sink time in to a new toon and have to trash him becasue tbh, the pvp aspect is the only reason I would consider going back to eq2.

Dispite all the great changes that SOE has made there is still a few things bother me about the game.

I don't like how the battles are locked and how buffs are only allowed through direct parties. To me it takes away from the mmo factor. You should be allowed to interact with all.

Likw mentioned above, I really want to sit a wait and see which direction the pvp system is going to go.

I still get the delayed stuttering. after about an hour or two the games becomes unbarable to play from all the HDD thrashing. Toning down the graphics doesn't seem to help really all that much and tbh I can only take so much of degraded graphics before it takes away from the experience.

The physics and controls of the game semt to me might hinder the pvp experience. I just find them to be a bit sluggish at times and may take away from the pvp experience.

Also they need to work on the sound. To glitchy but isn't a huge issue.

Whats good is Sony is really working on this game. It seems to evolving in the right direction and maybe withen a few more months is gonna be real gem. I like that Sony seems to admits it's mistakes and is determined to fix the game through user feedback and test realms.

Liek I said, I'm so itching to play this game but my free time as late has become pretty much nonexistant and I's had to sink some time in a toon only to have to start over for a pvp realm. If I'm wrong on how they're are gonna work pvp please correct me. I', only going by word of mouth from eq forums.
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