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Default Re: Well back to EQ 2 for now.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
splitpaw is an ownage adventure pack period... I am kinda curious about everfrost/lavastorm. How is solo content in those zones? I know they tweaked basically every zone but those ones a while back.
Not sure, I usually stick to CT. That was the fastest place to grind. Obelisk of Lost Souls (Enchanted Lands) is ownage xp if you have access. Everfrost is good xp for a while, I always see 47+s LFG there. LS is great for anyone 47-48+. Solo content is soso, but I heard they have solo and duo specific dungeons now, so you can just get a tank or healer and go have some fun without looking for group forever

edit: PvP in WoW gets stale after having NOTHING to do but raid the exact same zone (MC) and do battlegrounds that half the time have noobs like mad, and have nothing better to do than PvP for a whole month because the only zone that's raidable at 60 is MC
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