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Default 2005fpw: Thin wavy lines on select intensities of blue backgrounds

My monitor developed these lines lately. I can not really determine what could have trigerred this behaviour. The monitor is connected through dvi-d cable to 6600gt card.

The problem appears on both my windows and linux operating systems.

I found out about this problem when I noticed wavy thin lines on certain background colors but not others. To better understand the problem I configured my desktop background with different solid colors. I found that only blue subpixels show these wavy lines and only for certain intensities and not all blue intensities.

for example: each color (red, green,blue) has 256 degrees of intensity. I kept both green and red at zeros and varied the blue from zero to 255. At, say, 42, I will see thin lines moving accross the screen from top to down. The lines disappear at intensity, say, 45, then come back at intensity 52 and so on.

This does not happen when I do the same for green or red. But can happen for different combination of the three colors as will. But from the single color test I presume that lines are always from the blue supixels.

I performed these tests for elimination purpose:

1- I switched between the 2 dvi cables I have ( one comes with the monitor)
2- I reinstalled the drivers on both linux and windows.
3- On windows and linux I tried different standard modelines and timing settings and also tried different resolutions. (nvidia control panel in windows has this option to choose from different timing standards)
4- My card has dual dvi. I moved the dvi cable to the other port.
5- I also reseted the screen.
6- I disconnected the power cables and reconnected them. (I did not try other power outlet though! will this matter?)
7- I disconnected the printer which is attached to same power source as the computer and screen.

I will do these test during the weekend:
1- I will take the monitor to my friends house connect it to his computer to eliminate the possibilty of graphic card failure.
2- Will connect his dell 1905fp on my computer to retest the card on other monitor to verify card failiure.

until then, I thought I could post this to see any suggestions and if there are any setting I could adjust to resolve the problem.

FC4 x86_64
winXP 64 beta edition
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DeskTop 1:
CPU: dual core AMD64 x2 4800+
motherboard: tyan k8e s2865
RAM: Corsair xms 4GB 3200C2 (400)
Video Card: EVGA GeForce 6600GT 128MB
Monitor: 20 inch wide screen dell 2005FPW

DeskTop 2:
CPU: dual xeon 2.8GH 533 FSB
motherboard: SuperMicro X5DAL
Video Card: ASUS GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x (rev a2)
Monitor: Dual Display ViewSonic VA912b
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