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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce 5950 Ultra Headache

Originally Posted by andrew79
Emm I only have 3 fans including the Graphic Card Fan. One on the PSU and one casing. Damn Compaq. Should I install more fan ? or would you think it's better to just bring this piece of junk into CompUSA (where I bought it) and use the extended warranty that I bought along with the CPU
I would suggest first using the warranty and taking it to CompUSA and see what does for you. Good luck and I hope you get it working soon.

Originally Posted by Redeemed
I also own a 5950 Ultra, the ASUS V9980Ultra. My highest successful oc was 515clock, 1GHz mem. But my temps would reach about 56*C and I didn't like that so I dropped the speeds.

Grunt, how did you manage that OC? That card must scream compared to stock performance. Can you squeeze any more out of it? 515 was pushing it for my card, and 1Ghz seemed to stress it as well. Your is an ASUS like mine, correct? Did you flash the card's bios? What is your secret???
Well, I'm not sure how I came around to that clock speed, but I know it was just pushing it and pushing it. With some of the older drivers, like the 5x.xx & 6x.xx, it didn't like it too much and I ran it at about 540/1.02. But with the 7x.xx drivers I've been able to keep it at the 560/1.04. Now that being said, if I let it Auto Detect is usually comes back at around 512/1.02. I manually set it at the 560/1.04 and sometimes it takes more than one test to make it stick.

Is your V9980 Ultra the older kind like mine or the newer version like it shows on their website today? Mine looks like the one in my avatar or for a better look, check out My Computer Photo Gallery on my website I haven't done anything to the BIOS of the card. Matter of fact, I have searched ASUS website and I have never found any type of BIOS to download for the card. I bought it OEM and have ran it like that every since. I do the occassional clean-up of it by physically removing it from the motherboard, taking of the clear cover and blowing out the heatsink with compressed air. Other than that, I don't do anything besides try and keep my tower cool, have all the updates for my motherboard BIOS, all the Windows updates and the latest nvidia drivers. See Sig for details.

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