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Default BFG 6800GT OC Runs too hot..

Hello all,

I recently upgraded to a BFG 6800GT OC and so far I love the thing ...

I have one major issue ... The card idles at 64c.. and under a load it can jump all the way to 85-90C which obviously is waaay too hot.

The card is stock, i have not attempted to overclock it, or modify in any way.. The adjacent PCI slot is free so there is enough room for the two little fans to get airflow.

I put a house fan on the side of my case and it lowered the temp to about 59c idle and it still goes to about 82-85c under a load. I've noticed artifacts in Battlefield 2 and Final Fantasy XI.

Anyone have any suggestions other then returning the card? I've noticed most people are reporting much lower temps .. but overheating is a common problem with this card..

*edit* not sure if it matters, but my machine specs are:

Athlon XP 2700
Generic 400WATT PSU
1GB PC2700
ASUS A7N8X (Dual channel ram rocks!)



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