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Default Re: Help With Asus V9980 Ultra

Sorry, Grunt, didn't mean to upset or confuse you.

I've tried all the drivers, and on my card NONE offer better performance than versions 56.55 and 56.72. I've just downloaded the 77.72, and it KILLED my performance. In my Ancient Castle3D screensaver, I got 0.00 fps regardless of what my IQ and resolution was set at. The same resulted in any game I tried to play.

Mine is the "revised" 5950 Ultra evidently, as it looks NOTHING like yours (it is the one you see at ASUS' website). I'm going to see if your BIOS version matches mine. If not, that might be ONE reason why my oc's are so limited. I just set my vcard to 515Mhz core and 1GHz memory this morning. Any time I went to run a 3D application, it'd result in the BSOD and a restart.

Are you running your agp slot at 1.5 or 1.7volts? I had to up mine in order for the 515/1Ghz to work while being stable.

If I can't get this sorted out with this card, I'll probably just upgrade to a 6800GT. I can get one now for less than $300- not a bad buy at all.

One other thing...

I'm interested in the Stereoscopic abilities that the GeForce line offers. Currently, the only stereophonic drivers I can find are the 71.22 from nVidia's website. But they require that you use the same driver version (71.22) in order for the ability to work. If I can't find

1.)an earlier stereoscopic driver that will work with the Forceware versions 56.55 or 56.72


2.)a way to make my vcard work with the 71.22 ForceWare drivers without taking a massive performance hit

then I'll just end up getting a 6800GT as I KNOW that gpu will work with both the 71.22 ForceWare and Stereoscopic driver.

In regards to my earlier post, I asked if you ever saw any visual "anomalies" with your card clocked that high. I asked because I got a ton with mine: colors would be missing where they shouldn't be, entire textures would be gone (rocks in a game wouldn't be textured at all in other words, and objects that were normally one specific color with apropriate shading would either be a different solid color or not colored at all, etc). After seeing the oc you achieved without error, and then the oc that you linked to, I'm starting to dislike MY 5950Ultra because of all the problems it is giving me.

I appreciate your patience and thank you for your willingness to work with me. I'm sure that there is nothing wrong with my card and that I'm just going about this (overclocking and the newer drivers) the wrong way.

Thanks again
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