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Default Re: Pricegrabber widget.. slow loading nvnews

I know this topic is kinda old, but it still happens to me. Looks like every price in that list updated individually from the pricegrabber server and it takes time...
On IE it waits for all of'em to update before showing the rest of the page. Firefox loads them one after the other. Only after all of them are loaded, it loads the page. Maybe it's because my DNS server sucks, maybe because i'm not from the US (takes time to connect to pricegrabber for me) I don't know. But for whatever reason it's still takes too much time

P.S. on the fornt page, I need to wait for the AMD+Intel prices, then it loads the news, and then it finishes with the nVidia cards prices, so it's definetly between me and pricegrabber server
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