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Ali Ra
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Angry Geforce 4 on Redhat 7.0

I am very new to linux and I got a hold of a copy from a friend (also an idiot). I installed Redhat 7.0 on my PC with a NVidia TNT 2 Pro everything went fine. About a month ago I bought a Geforce 4 Ti 4600, when I tried to boot into linux I recived a message about a proccess being murdered!!! After a day or two of searching on the net I found a copple of pages that related it to a display problem. I have tried reinstalling Linux over and over agian but I cant seem to solve the problem. I think the Nvidia Linux drivers might work but I have no Idea how to install them because I can't even fully start linux. There was one time when I was able to log in, but the message just kept poping up.

Please Help,
Idiot Ali
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