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Default Re: Only too true...

Originally Posted by mcolbourn
Pala's are NOT primary healers at all!!! also we are not a Tank either!!

We are a secondary healer and secondary tank.

I am a lvl 40 Pala and I would not think of myself as a primary healer, I would say I am a buffer!! (what we do best). If there is a prest in the party then they are primary healer, if not I will try to heal but a pala can run out of manna very fast even with BOW on them. If there is no Warrior in the party I will try my best to be a tank.

I find people that think a palla is a primary healer do not know how quick we can run out of manna the rest of the team need to keep an eye on the pala's manna and if they are acting as primary healer they need to fall backl to protect him.

Paladins are best for support, and shaman fill a similar role. Even if they can't spam damage, SoC HURTS when it procs. I've never rolled one and I've not spent much time with Alliance, but I know in battlegrounds paladins who know their role are dangerous. Being a warrior I must learn my enemy

Going against two paladins who heal in WG is a frikkin' nightmare.
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