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Default Re: BFG 6800GT OC Runs too hot..

The saga continues.. :-/

I removed the stock heatsink, applied a bit of Artic Silver to the core / each memory chip ..I saw a minor reduction in heat, about 2-3c both idle and under a load.. The card still artifacts/flickers spikes out of polygons.

Honestly I do not think its a heat issue now .. Because I ended up returning the card and got an exact exchange. It runs at exactly the same temperature and still artifacts/flickers spikes.

I ended up calling BFG Tech support, and after having me check the voltages in the BIOS and various other things, he deteremed its because my card is running on IRQ 19 (virtual IRQ) rather then recommended IRQ 11.. I personally think this is a strange diagnosis, since i've never had any issues with IRQ's since ....what, windows 3.1 / maybe 95?? But basically .. He recommended I force a HAL (hardware abstract layer) during installation of Windows... as its the only way I can change the IRQ. I'm doubtful this will fix the issue but I'm going to try it with one of my old HDDs..

I also searched the web, and found that BFG seems to tell everyone that their issue is because the card isnt running on IRQ 11 , or because its running on any IRQ over 15..

I'm so close to returning it and buying an X800 (i dont really want an ATI, havent owned one since the TNT)....

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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