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Default Re: BFG 6800GT OC Runs too hot..

Your experience sounds quite familiar. BFG may have a lifetime warranty - but their support sucks donkey balls. I have had two 6800 GT cards with the new Twin Fan LED cooler, and both of them were running so hot that they were causing my system to severely instable. My first call to them resulted in me being told that my system either has insufficient ventilation or that my ambient room temperature must be too high. Well, my Antec case has very good ventilation, and when I was having the problems it was January up here in Canada and my apartment was quite cool. During further calls I was told that my Enermax 650 EPS power supply was insufficient, despite having 36A on the 12V rail. I was then told to manually change a number of IRQ's in my system which totally fubar'd things, causing me to lose all my USB functions and necesitating a complete windows reinstall. At this point, I took back my card to the shop I purchased it from, and lo and behold, they experienced the same problems as I was having in a totally different system. So they gave me a second card, and I was very upset to find upon installing the card that I was having the same seemingly heat related lockups. At this point I called BFG and told them that I wanted a replacement cooler with the reference fan design. I was told to send the card back, at my own expense BTW, and that they would bench test the card and perform any necessary repairs to it. Turn around time for them to recieve the card, test it, and resend it back to me would have been around 1 month. I asked if was possible to give them my CC information and have them send out a second card as this was my primary video card for my workstation, but they said that this is against their policies. In the end, I said screw it, and bought an aftermarket Zalman VF700 CU cooler and it reduced my temps from 75-80 degrees at idle down to 50, and my load temps dropped from 110+ down to high 80s. I haven't had any crashes since, but now my warranty is nullified.

So yeah, they have a lifetime warranty, but their service, tech support, and policies still suck hard. This will be the last BFG product I purchase.
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