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Wink Re: BFG 6800GT OC Runs too hot..

Honestly, I shouldnt have to buy a cooler for a card thats running STOCK out of the box .. A heat issue shouldnt even be the problem.. Taking a card out of the box using it as designed and having to void the warranty to cool it off is just plain stupid... My room was warm at the time , but putting a massive house fan blowing on HIGH into the side of my open case only decreased the temp by 2 degrees (still ran too hot)..

Also after reading forums for hours on end, it seems a lot of people have a lot of different temps on their cards.. anywhere from 45c idle to 59c idle to 75c load and 85c load..

Honestly, I gave in , I returned the card to Best buy, saved myself $100 and bought an ATI X800 XL and lost about 80 3dmarks score on my benchmark (not even noticable difference)... It idles at 42c, under load its about 50c or something. My games all still run sick and I'm happy - although I still love Nvidia =)

Thanks again for the help everyone!
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