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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by Marcos
i respeced to protection. Its good in instances. But, I can PVP no more. My opinion isnt finalized on Shield Slam yet. Its nice fast damage but jeez 30 rage, thats better off as a few sunders or heroic strikes.
Im at a loss without deep wounds and impale.
Im probably going back to cookie cutter MS @ lvl 60.

lvl 55 tauren so I havent seen the real **** yet.
Yep, you just limited your self to one job, TANKING! Deep wounds and Impale are useless with out cruelty and you got rid of those once you went to proc. With out the extra crits deep wound and impale are wasted any way. Now that you hold aggro you don't need them any way. You are not a DPS wh0re any more, your a meat shield or a crit sponge.
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