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Default nForce2 with MDK10.0

OK I have:
Epox 8RDA mobo(nForce2)
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
nVidia gForce4 MX 440
rest of it is irelevant for the probelm....
So i got a MDK Linux 10.0 official(4 cd) and i start the installation and it goes to partitioning stage and freezes but HDD seemes to be working constantly and sometimes it gets past this stage butt freezes while copying files and you know there is no pattern by which it blocks it just blocks randomly in the middle of copying files or on the partitioning stage so wat do i do?
And yeah i tried gentoo too but he freezes at the same stages...and to mention that konppix live works perfectly(i hate live editions) HELP PLEASE
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