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Default Re: BFG 6800GT OC Runs too hot..

Originally Posted by SigmaOrionis

Why didnt you just by a card using the Nvidia stock cooling?
For the record I had to return my BFG card and they didnt give me any hassles at all and I had a new one at my door in about 7 days.

I hope you enjoy your new X800XL.
The reason why I didnt try another brand card (which i would have) is because ... like an idiot .. I bought it on credit , which i only had at best buy, and best buy ONLY carries the BFG brand cards for the 6800GT, returning to BFG or best buy for the 3rd time would have been pointless as it wasnt a defective card since I tried 2 of them.

My X800 XL is fine, i'm almost as impressed with it as I was with the 6800GT and I saved $100.
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