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Default Re: Replacing Asus BIOS on v9980

Is that a V9980Ultra, or just the V9980? If the Ultra (GeForceFX 5950Ultra GPU), then I find that the card runs best with ForceWare versions 56.72. Try that driver. Then, make sure SmartDoctor is UNINSTALLED. THEN install Coolbits, RiverTuner, etc and try your oc'ing then.

Quick note:

Make CERTAIN that you have proper COOLING and VENTILATION in your computer. If your computer lacks in cooling, ventilation, or both, you greatly risk damaging your hardware by overclocking it.

I recommend atleast a fan in front of the case as intake, and a second fan in the rear of the case for exhuast. Adding a blower just below your vcard to help eliminate the hot air generated by the card and exhuast it out the back helps keep temps down as well. If you get a blower, make sure that there is atleast one PCI slot in between the blower and the vcard.

Good luck!
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