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Default Re: Pricegrabber widget.. slow loading nvnews

It's not so much a server loading it slow per se, but rather that there's a delay where nothing will finish loading until after it has finished it's thing.

There's probably some annoying "feature" it makes use of in Mozilla and Firefox to pull the test a line at a time, display it in human readable form, and then left move/align the text...

If it could be put to the end of the page load sequence, rather then the beginning, people could browse while it's doing it's thing. Not sure if the forum scripts could be modified to make the frame (if it's using one) that contains it, load last rather then first...

In the interum IE doesn't see this problem. I guess Firefox has a means around it, though for peeps using Mozilla, there is no Firetune. Someone mentioned an edit one could make to Mozilla's mini-registry (probably what Firefox is doing, as it included a tool for this) to get rid of that... I'm not sure about manually editing the Mozilla registry (so as to turn this feature off), or which line/entry it would be...
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