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Default Any difference between a FX5200 and TnT2 Pro for NON-gaming??

Hey guys,

Heres the quick story

My computer at work has a 128mb FX5200 in it. The computer it self is ok (P4 2.4ghz, 512mb RAM, ... its a dell..) and my back-up computer at home (Athlon Tbird 1.4ghz, 1gb pc100 ECC RAM, Asus A7V) has a 32mb TnT2 Pro M64 (junk, I know).

I do some very light gaming on my secondary computer. Usually me and a friend LAN on it with CS, DoD, Serious Sam but I also want to put UT04 and even CS:S on this computer. I know its not going to run very good w/ a FX5200, but it can't run at all on my TnT2. plus I won't be using it for gaming

Anyways, I was thinking about switching the two. The computer at work is only for typing, browsing the internet, ect. No gaming or anything like that. My boss doesn't know wtf is inside the computer so he that shouldn't matter. The problem is, he uses the computer too, and he will notice if something is wrong performance wise.

So, just to make sure, will he be able to tell any difference?

Thanks in advance guys.
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