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Default Re: Replacing Asus BIOS on v9980 [solved]

I succesfully flashed with a BFG 5950u Rev2 BIOS from ALL of those little problems are gone! Except, this BIOS clocks the core from 475 to 510 in 3D mode wich causes pausing in UT2004. I definately need some better cooling for this card before I can OC it.


Edit: Ok, the 56.72's allowed me to OC, were good performance-wise, but plauged with other problems. Using CoolBits or any OC utility with any post 60xx driver causes this card to throttle out badly after opening the display properties. I have tried several modified driver packages from Guru3D, and NONE of them function properly with this card . I'v read somewhere that flashing with a Leadtek BIOS will get rid of these sort of problems, but I have no clue how to do that.

Ok, I will try those drivers. As far as cooling goes, I got a 120mm in the front, two 80mm's in the back with a blower under the card, but the card itself still has stock cooling (wich I hear isn't so great).

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