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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Would it be possible to make a medium-peformance version of the drivers, where that version has one binary core that can be used both in Linux and FreeBSD with different source wrappers?

In addition to enabling FreeBSD this would also be more robust against Linux kernel changes.

I don't know what kind of performance drop we are talking here if we don't use anything too fancy from the binary core of the driver. But hey I have a 6800 Ultra which is at least 4 times as fast as it would need to be for the 3D stuff I do in FreeBSD.

So even if the performance of such a driver version is only 1/4th of the fully optimized driver it would still be worth it for me.


In addition to 3D performance there are more factors why I would want a real driver on FreeBSD/amd64:
- TV-out
- dual-head
- power management

You see right now when I boot my multiboot AMD64 machine into FreeBSD it takes up quite a bit more power than in Linux. It always takes up the full power as if X11 in Linux would not be up, whereas in Linux the moment X11 starts PM kicks in and power consumption drops considerably.


For a long time now I have been loudy cheering nVidia and bashed ATI for their lousy drivers. But alas, things are never standing still. Nowadays it looks like this:

- the ATI 2D opensource drivers do at least support dualhead (and TV?)

- FreeBSD/amd64 was an obscure platform, but it is not anymore. So now NVidia is skipping a non-obscure platform

- NVidia dropped support for very old cards. The fact that they were committed to support every card was a major factor in my positive impression. And don't tell me these old cards are useless, they can make fine dualhead cards - at least they could with the level of the 2D OpenSource drivers from ATI
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