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Default A new space MMORPG in development

Unkown Abyss is a new space MMO in development. For those of you who have played Earth and Beyond, I definately suggest you check this out, as it was origonally inspired by EnB and has a lot of promise to even surpass it.
Within the game, you take on the role of a pilot of one of three races. You will also select one of three professions. While some professions will be better at certain things than others, your profession will not limit you to purely one area of play. Basically any profession can do anything, simply some will be better at certain things than others.

PVP will be available, but not mandatory, the team aims to create a system which will satisfy the hardcore PVPer, those who don't like PVP, and everyone in between.

Combat and trading are obviously important as in all (or at least most) MMO's. Here, unlike in most, Exploration is highly stressed. There will be a few nav points, and the "pathway" which is like a large trade highway between stations, but much of time you will have to going out into uncharted territory scanning for AoIs (Area's of interest) When you are near one your scanner will alarm and you search around that area until you discover what it is.
When you find one it is marked on your map, along with some basic info on it. This could easily turn into a market for some players as they go out exploring and then sell the coordinates of places to other players.

The main website should be done within the next few weeks, as well as the promotional video showcasing the Titan ships. Three servers have already been purchased, and a forth is in the works. And a demo (playable, online) should be out relatively soon as well.

You can check them out at
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