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Default Re: Everquest 2 high end system verses WoW high end system..

I'm currently playing both WoW and EQ2 and both games are pretty good. I've been on WoW since it's release and have a few high lvled characters to sate my pvp cravings. I just picked up EQ 2 days ago and am trying it out. Currently I'm a lvl 4 High Elven mage who has repeatedly gotten his ass kicked in the Isle of Refuge a few gazillion times. Anyway, I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents on this whole WoW vs. EQ 2 frome a *technical standpoint*. Understand I have very little knowledge of computer programming and the intricacies of the technicale workings of MMORPGs. I love both games, but from what I see, EQ 2's graphics, while good, does not justify the insane system specs required to enjoy this game in all its glory. I love the game, but I find it amusing when I looked in my box again and pulled out an ad sheet saying how the game is better played with NVIDIA cards. From what I read in this thread, this seems like an outright lie as the performance I'm getting off my 6800 Ultra (on a P4 3.4 with 2 Ghz of ram) is pretty dismal at best and comparable to my older PC running a 9800 pro.

I see some of you defending this game from a gameplay standpoint, and that's cool, because I'm in that boat as well. I like the game (for all 2 days I've been playing it off and on), but it's pretty annoying that I have to work really hard to adjust the game's graphic to have a decent frame-rate. So far, the game is a walking slide-show and it's a shame, because the game does have some beautiful graphics. From what I see, I think Sony did a pretty poor job when designing this game (and that's an opinion of someone who has a Masters in the field of Finance rather rather than a computer science degree, so it probably doesn't account for much...). Sure, the game is very CPU bound, but like I mentioned before, it's a shame that the graphics, although pretty, does not justify the amount of money required in the future to get some decent performance. And to top it off, Sony should not advertise that the game will run better on NVIDIA based card. It sure doesn't for me If this seems like a rag on EQ 2 as a whole, it's not - I'm just griping on how the developers went about creating the game's graphic engine, because all things considered, it isn't very inefficient. At least make the game much prettier and more colorful if the system requirement is going to be *that* steep. I know some of you have the advantage over others in terms of PC prowess, but understand that many who playes these games do not. WoW ay not be as graphically intensive (though it does look better overall, in my opinion, because of the insance art style and use of color), but it "clicks" with many people I guess. It's just sad that a few people might be turned off by EQ due to its technical demands, and it's not fair as EQ is a very good game (case in point: I've already tried getting some of my buddies on, but they don't have the rig for it, and even if they do get the game, the settings they will have to play at will make the game FAR worse than any other MMORPG out there). EQ just demands way too much from a technical standpoint - and buying said company's video card doesn't sate that demand.

OK, I just wanted to vent some frustration I'm having with this game's performance. I'm going back to playing the game in the setting below the defualt "Balanced" (forgot the name, heh) and try to turn my mage into something respectable. :P

Hopefully Sony will implement a patch to fix all this. *crosses fingers* I'm tired of playing with no shadows and no foliage.
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