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Default Re: 1.0-7667 for FreeBSD i386 released

Originally Posted by signal3
This statement doesn't mention AGP, PCI-X, PCI express, or any other bus for that matter - it simply says the FreeBSD kernel needs enhancements to make an AMD64 driver feasible. Thus, I would have to assume that all Nvidia cards (and quite possibly all high-performance graphics cards) on FreeBSD for AMD64 are adversely affected.
It may be. And yet video-cards work on AMD64 (I'm typing this somehow). Even if some features aren't there yet, why can't I have even a decent 2D driver, that would support dual-head?

Originally Posted by signal3
It's my opinion that the most important thing mentioned in the communication is to "have patience". Nvidia clearly likes freebsd users (after all, we do have an i386 driver) and the FreeBSD project certainly has quite a number of capable developers. It should just be a matter of time.
On this very board there are posts inquiring about FreeBSD/amd64, that are over a year old. And the only answer we are getting from NVidia is "no current plans, but do keep begging for it". Either they are lying (having plans, but denying it) or patience is not going to help.

Your theory (of loving NVidia being helpess in the face of the OS' shortcomings) completely falls apart, though, from another fact. NVidia's network adapter has no FreeBSD driver at all, and an apologist would also try to explain this by missing functionality in the OS. But FreeBSD folks made NVidia's Linux driver work -- on both i386 and amd64 ( Perhaps, NVidia should hire a few of these people -- just to improve its own pool of developers.

Originally Posted by signal3
Remember, the AMD64 platform isn't exactly "mainstream". A conservative guess is that x86 machines outnumber AMD64 machines by 100:1
Linux/ia64 is not mainstream either. And I suspect, there are more FreeBSD/amd64 machines out there, than Solaris. Yet of all these "obscure" OSes, only FreeBSD/amd64 has no drivers.

Originally Posted by signal3
It's easy to point the finger at Nvidia and at the FreeBSD folks for the missing functionality. Unfortunately, it is also very easy to point the finger at the user who prematurely purchases a piece of hardware without investigating whether or not that hardware is supported in their operating system of choice.
Oh, yes, right. Blame the victim... It is all my fault. I saw FreeBSD (i386) support and I saw amd64 support (Linux). How foolish it was of me to expect NVidia to have enough software talent to put the two together...

A FreeBSD user for the last 10 years, I'm used to hardware makers ignoring the OS. But the drivers got created anyway -- because there was enough painful demand for them. NVidia's partially available drivers make things worse for us -- users of obscure platforms... Not only do we have no "official" drivers, there is a lot less incentive for an "unofficial" (free or commercial) one to appear...
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