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Default Re: Well back to EQ 2 for now.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
You know its. Funny I find the PVP aspect of WOW to be the most damaging. Because I dont believe WoW has succeeded in balancing the game to be both PVP and PVE and ends up hurting the roleplay and PVE aspect of the game. But thats just my opinion.

Yea, I can see what you are saying. It's like every class is able to beat another class. Example, Rogues are meant to kick the **** out of priest and warlocks. Mages beat rogues for the most part, yet priest can whoop on mages but can't beat a rogue. So on.

I just like the aspect of knowing that at anytime I can be screwed with by another player or that I can ruin someones questing at any point of crossing eachother. I personally think that what wow lacks is good group pvp which IMO is balanced. Reason being is the game is full of selfish little fuks only out for themselves. They're to impatient to but together any kind of stragity or thought in to how to approach the battle.

I've said it time and time again, wows major thorn in the foot is it's community. Second they really need some added content or expansion.

EQ2 really needs to work on that stutter and get going on pvp imo. Untill then I guess I'll stick to Wow
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