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Default Re: Well back to EQ 2 for now.

Apparently no one sent this guy the memo that ATI cards also have the same issue. Seriously it sucks that SoE and EQ2 team wont even acknowledge they have a problem with their game engine and certian high-end ATI and Nvidia cards.
Someone is always going to have an issue. But the GeForce GT stutter issue was too widespread to be just some sort of incompatibility with something or what have you. It was an issue on Nvidia's driver end. I had a GT for a long time, and it was never fixed. I replaced it with an ATI X800 XL and the problem is GONE. Of course, some people will have issues, it all comes down to combinations of hardware and software and all that good stuff. Everyone seems to run right to the developer of the software and accuse it of being trashy, crappy, and whatever else they can think of. Most of the time it's a driver update to fix the problem...
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