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Default Re: WoW going the way of Diablo 2 - D2 hackers attack Wow.

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
I'm ignorant, wth is BNET'ified?

The state of being of BNET...aka the network that Diablo 2 is part of if you played it online. In Diablo 2 that game was ruined by all the hacks and duped items in the game. Today the economy of D2 is completely made up of hacked items. If you traded runes, Soj's ( a ring drop ), or charms you essientially traded using duped or hacked items.

Another aspect of D2 and BNET in general besides the rampant hacking and duping was the piss poor behavior and attitude of players in that game. Which I also see in WoW a lot. Of course being that a large players base from D2 moved to WoW I kind of figured it would be that way in the end.
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