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Default Re: WoW going the way of Diablo 2 - D2 hackers attack Wow.

Originally Posted by UDawg
What are you talking about? WoW has sucked for a long time. I got tired of hackers, people who just want to cause trouble, clans ganging up on one person, AH price drivers ( I hate them), the inflated prices of items on the AH, ninja looters, guilds in general, 14 year olds with puters, ect. You name it this game is just teh suck now. I don't know if it will die out (doubt it) but it sure sucked for a long time for me.

The way the culture is, if you make one mistake you are black listed even when you don't deserve it. I had a bunch of ****ING 14 year olds gang up on me in a raid. That was the last time I let a buch of pimple poppers talk to me that way.
Eh, must be the server I play on. Everyone is very friendly and mature, and I have yet to run into anyone I would swear off playing with again. BTW, what did you do to get blacklisted? Ninja?
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