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Default Re: WoW going the way of Diablo 2 - D2 hackers attack Wow.

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Eh, must be the server I play on. Everyone is very friendly and mature, and I have yet to run into anyone I would swear off playing with again. BTW, what did you do to get blacklisted? Ninja?
Your prolly right.

I didn't get blacklisted. It was just one guild who went after me. I had many other guilds with whom I've tanked for who backed me up. How ever I just got tired of little kids. That guild wouldn't say what I did. I did ninja loot on accident one time but I smoothed that out and helped that raid out and didn't take any items for my self as pentence. Yet no one from that guild was in that raid. It could have been when the ring from the Ogre King dropped and a warrior and I rolled on and I won the roll but the warrior and his friend said he didn't realize what we were rolling on. I said scroll up and there was the proof. They argued with me but my only reply was FU and I took the ring and then said FU again. BAHAHAHA!!!!1 The other people in the group said I won it, so I was absoluetly sure I wan't ninjalooting. That priest that was backing that warrior was in that clan that went after me, so that had to be where it started. After that run in DM I started recording demos of my raids so I had proof to give blizzard.

Either way the game if fun but the community sucked.

BTW Ninjaman, what server you on? I would like to migrate my warrior to your server so we could raid together if ya don't mind. My warrior is weaponless and armorless. I sold all my stuff and gave the money to a good buddy. I want to start over on a new server and build up my armor and weapons and such.
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