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Default Re: WoW going the way of Diablo 2 - D2 hackers attack Wow.

Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
You got any links those two so I can check them out ?

DnL has the best gameplay concepts of the 3 games I mentioned. Unfortunetly, it is a gorgous and ass-looking game all in one. Some screenshots are breath-taking, other's make you reach for a doggie bag. I won't sign on until the grahpics stabilize and become consistantly awesome.

D&DO is the game I'm the least and most interested in. Least becuase it looks like a mindless hack'n'slash that caters to the lowest common denominator [ie WoW kiddies]. Most because it's got the best chance of being released this year and I need to get the hell off Wow. :P

Also becuase it's 3.5E it's probabley going to have the best character customization options.

Hero's Journey is easily the prettiest MMORPG I've ever seen. Absolutely and consistantly gorgous [unlike DnL]. It also seems to have some great gameplay concepts [better than DDO, not as good as DnL]. My only gripe with the game is that it's being made by a company who while has alot of MUD/PnP experience as no real MMORPG/3D Graphics experience. Also it seems alot of the dev team is either volunteer or temporary based. In other words the company is the least professional of the 3 games mentioned here and that puts me on edge.
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