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Default Re: WoW going the way of Diablo 2 - D2 hackers attack Wow.

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Well on the maturity issue, I have found that horde is slightly more mature and less often played as well so you have less of a chance of running into iceholes.

Although that may be true, there is a down side. The little bastards are against you on the alliance side and at lvl 60 they love to gank 20's.

Just an example, I quit the headach of my 60 dwarf priest and started a undead mage(lvl 30, so much more fun). I'm in Splintertree yesterday, of coarse I land, get about 10 yards from the flight pad and boom, one shot death.. He vanishes, wham, kills some one that lands, vanish. Over and over and over. This di-ck must have been there for at least an hour doing that.

But yeah, the kiddies of wow diffently had a negative impact on a good game. It's to bad.
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