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Default FX 5600 or Voodoo5 5500?

I've been putting together a retro gaming box for some Windows 98-style lovin'. I secured a GeForce FX 5600 for cheap as it would be more than powerful enough for what I'm trying to play (nothing more intensive than Quake 3 or UT). However, I've seen some Voodoo5 5500 cars going around the web for cheap as well. I would be playing a lot of Glide-based games as well, but at the same time, 3dfx OpenGL support is virtually non-existent. For some Glide games, if I were to keep the FX 5600, I'd need to use a wrapper and we all know how those things can go.

Which would you suggest I keep the FX or get the Voodoo5 (it's an AGP card)?
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