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ok, when im wrong, ill be the first to admit it. it does do that. the reasoning behind made sense, but i had never noticed it. making a perfect circle at 1600x1024 using a perfect circle tool didnt look to pretty. i noticed the slighest squish at 1280x1024, but not enough to warrent changing as i never trust my eye and always use presise measurements to do graphics. still, it opened my eyes on the subject.

it just makes everything having to do with how stuff is displayed at different resolutions so silly. it does make sense though. windows would have to know the aspect of your monitor to make the right perspective correction.

monitor aspects need to be saved and utilized in monitor inf's so it can be used to display correct proportions by windows.

it just made sense to me that if 720x480 worked on my television playing movies (the tv chip determines the size of the signal all the time, duh) and 1280x1024 didnt look any different, that the actual display image would display correctly, but again, its imposible without the drivers, windows or a certain program knowing the monitors size.

sorry all for babling on and such. i didnt research before i opened my mouth this time and im a dummy for it.

seeing is believing!!!
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