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Post Screenshots of the problem

I took some screenshots of the problem.

Sorry, these screen shots are at actual resolution, so they are about 230K jpegs
In the right hand side you can see that the CD-R icon is cut off.
I also opened up KDE's calendar app in which it cut off part of the text for the calendar and I also moved the icons above a little farther righ and now CD-R is completly gone and Floppy and Trash have pieces missing.
This screenshot shows what the calendar is suppose to look like.

The problem appears to be with refreshing the text in that part of the screen, because the Kclipboard also has the same problem with it's menus, they don't display.

However if I move the Calendar application left of the "bad line" then refresh the application (like minimize and then maximize) all text is there and if I move the window to the right of the "bad line" all text remains, so it appears to be a problem with font sub-system doing an initial write of the font to the frame buffer, but that is just a stab in the dark.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Todd Volz
Graceland University
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