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Default Re: Ultima Online: A review

Originally Posted by |MaguS|

Why can't people post in the proper forum, There is a reason we have a MMORPG Forum.

UO was good but its plain and very boring compared to the current MMORPGs. The world is full of L33Ts and there are way too many exploits going on within the game aswell.

Heck for a 2D/Semi 3D game it lags (graphically and connection) more then most MMORPGs out there.

If someone is looking for a full open PVP game, I would recommend RYL, Lineage, Lineage 2 or WoW PVP Servers.

(Didn't mention Guild Wars because I don't consider it a MMORPG)
Well, its one of the first MMORPGs ever, so It could be cut some slack hehe..
I thought it was fun while I was playing, but nothing lasts forever.
But its still one of the more "Free" type of MMORPG in the sense of what kind of character you can make, and how you play.. but lacking in terms of story and quests..

Its getting dated, and the fact that EA managed to get it in their claws (EDIT: or had it from the getgo, just read the above post), kill UO2 (UWO:Origin , the old one), and then kill Origin off, means they are going to pump out expansions and crap until the last UO player dies of old age.
then perhaps they will make a UO2 and release under their own name..

btw the reason Origin renamed the original UO2 to Origin was cause EA wouldnt let them but the company name on the box anymore hehe.
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