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Default Re: Ultima Online: A review

Originally Posted by FortranDragon
The game went completely downhill after EA baught it out and screwed it over with their extreme game-ruining powers.

Just a point of clarification: EA already owned Origin when UO was launched. It fact, it was EA that green-lighted the research project that UO developed from. This isn't to say EA hasn't made mistakes with UO, but it is to say that EA should get some credit for making sure UO saw the light of day as a commercial game.
Yes you are correct, they owned Origin before Garriot even made UO, but never took an interest in it untill it got big, at which point they ****ed it over.

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
UO was good but its plain and very boring compared to the current MMORPGs. The world is full of L33Ts and there are way too many exploits going on within the game aswell.

Heck for a 2D/Semi 3D game it lags (graphically and connection) more then most MMORPGs out there.
Hardly boring. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer more direct player to player action, rather then just working quests. Your comment about exploits is blatantly not true. There are literally no hacks for UO on a RunUO server, and very little on the PTP servers (even the hacks that do exsist are just little gay things like text re-huer and crap like that). The game is so server dependent that the client controls nearly next to nothing, which is good because it makes it next to impossible to use hacks for it, but bad because, as you pointed out, it takes a VERY high end server to support a large player base. Though if you have a nice server and connection, like ours (Quad 3.0ghz EM64T Xeon, 8gigs of ram, and literally unlimited bandwith), that is not a problem. Frankly I like the old 2d graphics on this game better then some of the new blocky 3d **** we see in some games. Yea it's 2d, but it is extremely detailed 2d. All of the 2d graphics are done very well and it looks really good IMO. It might not have a wow factor, but it is art that you can appreciate. On a side note of the client sucking, it can at times, but the creators of RunUO also put out a custom client that is quite nice and runs at a full 60fps, smooth movement, etc etc.

Ultima is just one of those games that is rediculously easy to learn how to play, but takes a lifetime to master. I knew that this being a hardware forum a lot of people wouldn't even bother to look at it, but there are very few people I know who have played Ultima and did not have a good time doing so.

EDIT: There were actually two "UO2"'s coming out that got scrapped. UWO and the very recent UXO.

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