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Default Re: Ultima Online: A review

Your amusing, You claim this is the greatest MMORPG ever yet you DONT SUPPORT IT. Here's an example from a post of yours in the "Where's the Beef" thread.

Originally Posted by slik
I, sir, have the answer for you, in a simple 9 step process, you will be on your way to playing the best MMORPG ever, on the best UO shard ever made, with every that that you want listed there, included at no cost.

1. Download UO.
2. Goto
3. Download Razor.
4. Install UO.
5. Patch UO.
6. Install Razor
7. Run Razor.
8. Choose "UOGamers: Hybrid"
9. Enjoy the best MMORPG ever made (No seriously, and I've played many, including WOW)
If the game is so great, why don't you actually BUY the software and PAY monthly to play it insted of supporting unofficial servers? Sure your method is free but is a great insult to the creators of the game you so worship.

I said this before and will say it again, If you (anyone) honestly love and support a game, you will buy it and then give it praise, Not steal it and then praise it.
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