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Default Re: ~ Official Battlefield 2 Feedback! ~

Didn't mean to bump this thread after so long but didn't wanna start a new one either, so this is what happen for the TWL match 8v8 GOD vs. TNT.

GOD had to forfeit. That night, patch v1.02 came out approx. 1hr before the match. TWL rules say something in the way that the patch must be out a week before you can use it for TWL servers. Apparently their clan has management/communication issues as most of them had the patch installed and a few that were participating in the match didn't.

Since we were challenged, we had the choice of taking the win and retaining our spot in the ladder or giving them a rematch. Well do to some of the childish behavior on their part, we opted for the win.

Lastnight we had another match:TNT vs. =Screaming Eagles=

We challenged them, so they had to defend. We won with a first round victory of 70 - 0. After switching sides, we then pulled another victory of 22 - 9.

So anyhow, sorry to bump an old thread but just wanted to give UDawg and rudedog a heads up and thanks for the info on Clan GOD.
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