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Default Re: Ultima Online: A review

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
If the game is so great, why don't you actually BUY the software and PAY monthly to play it insted of supporting unofficial servers? Sure your method is free but is a great insult to the creators of the game you so worship.

I said this before and will say it again, If you (anyone) honestly love and support a game, you will buy it and then give it praise, Not steal it and then praise it.
Most people HAVE bought the game, even if they play on Freeshards..
And well yeah, support the creators?
No you would be supporting EA, not Origin who made the game, Origin is dead thanks to EA.
Garriot and alot of EX origin people are working at Destination Games, partnering with NCsoft I think.
I always loved Origins Ultima series, shame there wont be any more of that.
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