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Default Nexuiz Benchmark

Nexuiz is not a benchmark utility (for those who dont know), but it stil heavily utilizes both GPU (bumpmapping, bloom, and other crazy effects) and cpu (being slightly quake1 engine-based). For that reason it's a very good gamer benchmark and should accurately tell you where your computer stands.

-=| Instructions |=-
*optional* Rename your current config to config_1 or sommit
1) Extract both demo and config to your <nexuiz>\data folder
2) Run nexuiz => console (`) => timedemo bench1
3) Post your min/avg/max here

Official site (DL game from there):
Benchmark cfg/demo:
Nexuiz Forums Bench Thread:

I got 51.6fps avg (forgot min/max) with my:
amd64 3000+@2.23
1GB pc2700
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