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Default Re: GF-FX 5800... Pre-Production model?

Sadly, I have no pics.

I tried to take some at one point, but the camera I was using didn't like anything closer than 30 feet. lol

I've looked at pictures, and it looks identical (I didn't count transistors/resistors/any other kind of istors) to a BFG 5800 and such...

I can tell you that the heatsink is a strange orangeish/copperish color, and the plastic windchamber is clear.

Oh, I was wrong about the sticker, the "EXPO ITEM" thing was actually hand written on Sharpie on the PCB.

EDIT: Is there a good HSF that I could swap with this damned loud... thing? I just got a TT Beetle (which is SO much better than my Orb, and looks a lot cooler) and it dropped the dBs way down, so hopefully if I can either keep the fan speed low, or change the whine, I'll be really happy.
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