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Arrow my favorite nvidia project - the NV30

You definitely have a demo NV30 board. Quantities were given out during and after the holiday season 2002. If you PM me all the numbers on the PCB, I may be able to tell you what company originally received that exact demo board from NVIDIA.

Use a fan on the rear RAMsink
The critical mod for a 5800 or 5800 Ultra is to blow cool air over the rear of the card. Do not fail to do this if you plan to overclock. This fan was recommended to me by Geoff Ballew, the NV30 product manager, while I worked at NVIDIA ... after I killed two cards.

On the rest of my NV30 boards, I've bolted a 50MM fan centered on the back RAMsink. For each fan, I used two 4/40 bolts driven into the spaces between copper RAMsink fins. Since adding these rear fan, I've never permanently overheated a non-overclocked NV30, even in a SFF heated with dual internal hard drives.

Quiet FX Fan mod
I'm currently running one of my FX 5800 Ultras with stock fan & transparent fan shroud completely removed, leaving only the copper. I attached two 4-pin fans that are always on, and they provide lower temperatures and greatly lower noise than the stock FX Flow. GPU temperature never exceeds 62C, even during 3-hour Doom3 marathons.

Atachment details: see previous reccomendation for rear fan. On the front, I superglued one 60MM fan on the flat-space over the GPU, thinking it was temporary, but it stays and it works great.

FWIW I have the card's fan connector driving a blue LED fan (pointed arbitrarily) so I know when 3D mode is active. This is a test setup for a SFF I'm building. The plan is to light up SFF feet, rear and top fans, plus internal 4" cathodes, but only when the machine is in 3D graphics mode.

WARNING - DO NOT TRUST Arctic Cooling's 5800 Ultra NV Cooler
The Arctic Cooling NV-__ model that claims to be for the FX 5800 & 5900 Ultra does NOT fit the 5800 or 5800 Ultra. I have one of these AC coolers and it was so bogus that I think the AC company has NEVER SEEN a 5800 PCB. The attachment screw holes and RAM pads are so ridiculously inappropriate for the 5800 PCB that it's unbelievable. I'd have been pissed if I didn't have a 5900 Ultra to use with that cooler.

That being said, look for the Arctic Cooling NV-__ model that fits the FX 5700 Ultra. My eyeball estimate suggests that the 5700 Ultra model also fits the FX 5800 Ultras. While I haven't owned one of these yet, and therefore take no responsibility for your success or failure, I do plan to get one next weekend to test against my 5800 Ultra collection.
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