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Arrow It's all about the dustbuster!

Originally Posted by keith33
it's no longer uber 1337 engineering sample pre-production vintage cool if you take away the dustbuster.
While I totally agree, some people like to game with their FX 5800s without waking the household. My modded 5800 U is my wife's daily driver until she inherits my SLI hand-me-down. My uber 1337 FX 5800 Ultra lives unmodded in a Dustbuster-friendly SFF.

Your sample was released about four months before the 5800 Ultra consumer release, and is one of the first 800 out of the fab. Over Christmas break 2002, I played with NV30 #796, a FX 5800 Ultra with BIOS Your 4.30.19.xx BIOS was obviously a predecessor.
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