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Default Re: BF2 Demo Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by h0102468
I got the demo now and I have only played for 20 mins and I quitted it and deleted it coz this game is totoally disappointing.

The graphic engine is just the same as BF:V and the graphic makes no strong difference from BF:V

The game runs crappy coz it is very buggy and the texture resolution is very low even I run on High Setting.

I got my GF6800 Ultra SLI on P4 3.2 with 2G RAM.

THis game is just waste of my time downloading.

Guys, I quit this game

I hope you ran the game with 4/6x fsaa and 16x aniso, otherwise your statements on graphics are all bull**** I'm afraid. Also, the game is wonderful, except its little bugs (there's coming a new patch soon in August IIRC), it's by far the best teamplay game to date.
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