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Originally posted by Essense
I just hope it last longer then mine did, I had a 100 GB WD die on me in 3 months, then the reconditioned replacement died in less then 2 weeks. After that I said to hell with it, they arnt worth the trouble, I could send it back, and spend 20 bucks on shipping that way they can send me another reconditioned POS, that will die in less then a month, but im going to vote with my wallet. I'll never buy WD again. As for performance, yeah it was extremely fast, however not *that* much faster then the Maxtor DX740 that im using now.

I had the same problems with WD. Original drive died and two other replacements died after that. I switched to Maxtor and was very happy with it until I upgraded to my present 80 gig Seagate, which has been a pinnacle of reliability, quality and performance.
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