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I fail to understand how my decision to reserve my hard earned cash for products I have complete confidence in labels me a fanboy?

I don't care about hype. I care about products that work for me. So far, every PC I've owned has had an nVidia product and I have yet to have a problem with one, and as long as nVidia makes products, I will continue to purchase them until something changes. One botched product cycle and a video card that didn't live up to the hype everyone created does not count as a failure in my book. The product works, the driver support is there, and I feel confident that if I bought it, I would be satisfied.

It's just like my cars. I've owned 4 Volkswagens and have no desire to buy another make. I've owned 2 Golfs, a Corrado and now a Jetta. They've all been spectacular and a blast to drive.
My next purchase is going to be another VW product; a Passat for my fiancee ( she drives a Camry now..boooooriiinnngggg )

I call that buying with confidence.

I'm not badmounthing ATi's products, I'm sure the 9700 is a wonderful card. I just don't want one in my machine.
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