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Default Re: NVidia Thermal Monitor (Applet?)

I'm a VB/PHP/ASP guy with some light bash/PERL, so programming isn't foreign to me. I can tell you I know this isn't the best way to do things at all, but consider this "pseudo-code" as a POC of what I want to do.

I want a Gnome applet to output the same results, without the constant disk I/O and gross inefficiencies of calling the same program over and over to take a temp reading piped to stdout. Does such an application already pre-exist? Is there an "SDK" (That's the Win32 in me) that would allow me to tap such a low-level resource, or am I looking at some goofy (read as, over my head, I'm only a higher-language guy) polling?

luser@400sc:~$ cat
nvidia-settings -q GPUCoreTemp|grep Att|awk '{print "Core: " $4*9/5+32 " F"}'
sleep 1
sh ./
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