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Default Re: Benchmark scores unreasonably slow, help!

Originally posted by Mortur
I was wondering what might be causing my extremely slow speeds on 3dmark 2001

i am getting 3350 on a nice setup

Athlon XP 1800+
Abit 761-686B(KG7)
256 MB 2100 RAM
NVidia Geforce 4 mx 440
4x AGP with newest AGP drivers

Can anyone sudgest anything that would make it up to at least the 6000 range, which by comparison with other machines is about normal?

thank you

your video card is not exactly going to set the world on fire... it is for all intents and purposes a gf2 on steroids...

what this means is that you will not be able to get a score on nature which is a dx8 game/test in 3dmark...

the weighting of the score is basically biased towards a GOOD nature score... which is why nvidia drivers lately have been optimized for this test...

in effect your dx7 card will not be able to run this game hence your score will suffer...

in effect you are probably not going to get the score you want to get...

you will see in the middle of the page as you scroll down to the 3dmark2001 scores that the 2100mhz p4 produced a score of 4107 marks... that is in the neighbord hood of what you can get...

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